Places to Eat in Torquay

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Whatever you’re here for, business or the pleasure of watching the palm trees sway on a hazy day on The English Riviera while indulging in our nascent café society, sipping on a latté round the harbour or you’re desperate to get in the pub because football kicks off in 10 minutes and you still don’t know where to go yet and you need to line your stomach for the hard day/night of drinking ahead, you’ve come to the right place.

Our premise is to give you as fair and unbiased an idea of where to go to eat whether you fancy a top nosh fine dining experience, a gastronomic pub feast, a slap-up fried breakfast or just somewhere to stop after a hard day’s work. With easy navigation and clear links to our other sites an other local places of interest we hope you’ll agree this is the only place you need to visit if you’re looking for a place to eat.

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